Vintiver is located in the Southron Hills in Ferelden. The rolling hillocks and the land’s elevation helps grow the grapes that support the town of Vintiver. The village itself is nestled between hills, granting protection from the weather and plenty of trapped water.

Vintiver itself is a well-built town made up of about two dozen homesteads. Each home has its own garden plot, so the locals can grow much of their own home’s food. The vineyards extend up the hills and into the countryside, where several farms encircle the town.

Vintiver was founded decades ago on this spot exactly for the soil and its usefulness in cultivating grape crops. The village’s history is quiet and free of much conflict. Vintiver is far from populated areas and doesn’t lie near any other tactically important places, so they even were somewhat safe from the Blight. Isolation did not stop several of the families from loosing people on the road, but the Darkspawn overlooked the full village.

The village is a few days from the Brecillian Forest, but only stray creatures prey on the locals.

The town has its own temple to the Chantry. It isn’t particularly large but it lifts the spirits and the faith of the people of the small village. The Chantry is headed by Sister Arda, who helped build the Chantry in Vintiver literally and figuratively.

Vintiver has a winery that is naturally active during the harvest time. The whole village works together to crush the grapes, strain the juices to ferment, and bottle and cask the wines for sale later. Caravans from around Ferelden come to Vintiver in the harvest season in small migrations to gather product to sell. Vinviter makes only the best.

The famous Vintiver wine makes the otherwise sleepy town a sort of destination when the Autumn Harvest in celebrated. The festival began to give thanks for a bountiful year and to bless the fields to bring new life come spring. This is quickly followed by the enjoying of the wine that Vintiver produces, sharing it with tinkers and traders from nearby hills for coin and some jolly fun.


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