Occupied by nearly 200, Logerswold is a small Ferelden town just outside of the Brecilian Forest. The town was founded to support the logging industry at the edge of the Brecilian Forest that brings lumber to the flat and tree-less Bannorn.

The town consists of an alehouse for the spirits and the spirits, a Chantry for the faithful, and a lumber yard compound where most of the town’s industry happens. The town is based on lumber work, so there are no great number of guards any any time.

The small alehouse, called the Sign of the Spreading Tree, is well-liked for a local “man of mystery” as he is so described. The man puts his talents of legerdemain to work as a pseudo-magic show, taking coins from people’s ears and finding rabbits in his hats. The Templars have investigated him and found nothing to bring to the Chantry, causing the show to be advertised as “Maker-Approved.”

Vauldur Krole is the former bann of the town. After a spat of unsuccessful attempts to deal with the bandits, he was ousted from his post and replaced by a young and charismatic bann. Trumhall won the hearts of the people of Logerswold when the landless noble managed to drive away three raids of bandits with a small group of guards. He quickly replaced Krole and began construction of a fort for soldiers to be housed to protect the people of the town from the new bandit problem.


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