People to Watch For



The many people of Thedas often work together to further their goals…


A budding nation with a focus on elven safety, this small forest-nation seeks to give a home to the homeless and downtrodden elven people of Thedas.

Might: 4 (Garrison)
Wealth: 4
Influence: 5 (Elves)
Intrigue: 6 (Secrets)
Magic: 5 (Lore, Mages)
Structure: 8     Stability: 46     Scope: World     Troops: 1300
Special: May perform the Equip, New Focus, New Assets, Rebuild/Expand (gaining it once for free) Growth Stunts for -1 SP, and the Bolster (gaining it once for free), Devastate, Embarrass, Surgical Strike, Undermine Plot Stunt for -1 SP
Mercy: 1 Justice: 1 Recruit: 6 Isolation: 0
Settlements: Aravasan (port), Vhenanadahl (capital), Green Gate (outsider settlement)

The Emerald Brotherhood

Allies to elves everywhere, the Emerald Brotherhood seeks to rebuild what the elves have lost and rediscover what it means to be Elvhen.

Might: 4 (Raiders)
Wealth: 1
Influence: 3 (Elves)
Intrigue: 5 (Counter-Spies, Spies)
Magic: 1
Structure: 1     Stability: 44     Scope: World     Troops: 800
Special: May perform the Exciting Opportunities Growth Stunt for -1 SP

The Dread Wolf's Gift of Blood Vengeance

Angry elves with dark purpose sneak in the shadows, using sabotage and subterfuge to destroy humans from the inside out, a blood price for everything the shem have taken from the elves.

Might: 4 (Raiders)
Wealth: 3
Influence: 3 (Elves)
Intrigue: 6 (Assassins, Counter-Spies, Spies, Secrets)
Magic: 4
Structure: 3     Stability: 20     Scope: World     Troops: 1,000
May perform the Disorganize, and Extreme Devastation Plot Stunts for -1 SP

House Baranti

The legacy of the late Bann Nicola Baranti this slowly declining noble house is kept afloat by her excitable grandson, Bann Adric Baranti.

Might: 4 (Garrison)
Wealth: 3
Influence: 2 (State)
Intrigue: 1
Magic: 0
Structure: 4     Stability: 35     Scope: Regional     Troops: 225

Crannoch's Underground

This guild is a collection of Ferelden thieves guilds under the banner of Crannoch, former spymaster of Nicola Baranti. Armed with ruinous secrets and a surprising spring of wealth, Crannoch's forces are not to be ignored.
Might: 0
Wealth: 3 (Treasury)
Influence: 3 (State)
Intrigue: 5 (Assassins, Secrets, Spies)
Magic: 3 (Enchanters)
Structure: 5     Stability: 37     Scope: National     Troops: 300

People to Watch For

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