A Place to Call Home


A Place to Call Home


Brecilia, the home of the elves is born. Foundations have been laid for a promised land for the elves, a second Dales, but it will not be easy. Resentment of elves across Thedas, perilous times with Kotin on the loose, and treachery from within make Brecilia a dangerous place. This is what elves have dreamed of for centuries, however, so most consider the risks to be worth the trouble and loss. Much will need to be said, decisions will need to be made, and a course must be charted and maintained. The Wolves certainly have their work cut out for them…


Many situations will be brought to the attention of the Wolves and the Keeper’s Council, and how they are dealt with can have lasting consequences for Brecilia. Below are some examples and their possible outcomes.

Rest for the Wicked

Elven travelers are often ill-equipped to make long journeys to Brecilia, and some of them have requested that Brecilia send protection if they truly wish to have them.

  • Send Brecilia’s own forces
  • Pay mercenaries for protection work
  • Enlist protection from the lords and ladies of surrounding lands
  • Smuggle them under the dark of night
A Company of Heroes

Several young elves have made bold demands of the Keeper’s Council. Calling themselves the Halla Horns, these youngsters claim that they’ve redirected a bandit raid against Brecilian travelers, scared off a giant spider nest with “some fire and ice”, and even slew a demon that was possessing a giant oak, saving the oak (with a few marks). Their claims are difficult to prove, as most other regard them as nothing more than starry-eyed adventurers, but some claim they’ve had their lives saved by this band of heroes.

  • Give them a patrol with the knights
  • Give them some spy work
  • Send them on a diplomatic mission
  • Keep them on hold in case something comes up
  • Ignore them
The Spirits Are Angry

The spirits of the Brecilian have always been active, but they’ve become restless as of late. Some hunters have been going missing supposedly, and some reports of moving trees have some of the clans concerned for their safety in these woods. Something must be done.

A Place to Call Home

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