The village of Sothmere is a small settlement sitting comfortably in a valley between high hills in the Southron Hill region. The village has about 100 residents and a recently erected wooden keep nearby.

The village has a short growing season and few craftsmen who live in the village. The ground nearby is not very fertile, and a dangerous proximity to the Korcari Wilds can eat away at the nerves of travelers. There are many easier places to live, even for hardy Fereldens, so why live here?

In spite of all this, there is a good reason to live here: bread. Specifically ryott bread, a protein rich bread that is valued throughout Ferelden. Sothmere farmers raise fields of the ryott wheat, that is known to be very picky about the soil it grows in. It just so happens that in this small valley in the Southron Hill, the ryott wheat thrives. It is this that makes the isolated town of Sothmere famous and desired by kitchens throughout Ferelden.

Nestled in the this gentle valley, Sothmere takes advantage of a creek that flows through it and empties into a marsh in the southwest. During the rainy summer season, the creek reaches to the Sudrand River and slightly floods. A temporary wooden fort built atop a high hill watches over the town of Sothmere. This fort, called “Fort Sothmere,” is led by Ser Vilem and manned by a dozen soldiers. This fort is currently being brought stone in large quantities to fortify the walls and expand the grounds.


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