Ser Greta

Successful Blackhaller and knight of the King's army


Communication 3 (Leadership); Constitution 2; Cunning 2 (Cultural Lore, Heraldry); Dexterity 1 (Riding); Magic 0; Perception 2 (Empathy); Strength 7 (Heavy Blades, Intimidation); Willpower 3 (Courage)


Ser Greta is a knight in the king of Ferelden’s service. She is somewhat proud of her station, having earned it after years of work and training. Her status of knighthood was placed on the fast-track after the Blight ended and there was a sudden lack of knights in service to the King, since most of them fell in the Battle of Denerim.

A farm girl from Lothering, Ser Greta is one of many who lost their homes to the Fifth Blight. She was away in Denerim with her father while the darkspawn surged into Lothering, burning it to the ground. They escaped the carnage only because of a summons from the arl of the South Reach. Ser Greta’s father was the mayor of Lothering, and his presence was requested to deal with the growing darkspawn threat. Unfortunately, the appointment was scheduled ahead of time, under the assumption that the Blight would have been contained at Ostagar. Naturally this did not happen, and the loss of Lothering made Greta’s father’s claim to mayor of Lothering somewhat useless. While not technically legal, the arl told her father that his title would cease to exist with the city. It was surely a coincidence that the arl gained slight benefit from the loss of a village, being given tax reliefs for crises like these.

Out of his league, Greta’s father could do nothing but plead to have relief efforts sent to Lothering. The requests were all denied; none dared brave darkspawn infested lands to save what could not be saved.

If Greta’s mother survived the attack, Greta never heard of survivors. She did hear of prisoners being taken…

Having no where else to go, Greta and her father became impoverished. They moved into the Dregs of Denerim, where her father had to resort to mercenary work to pay for them both to live. His skills were vast, but he was getting old, and the loss of his wife and his entire village was heavy on his soul. His heart was not into the work he did, which lead him to fail several assignments and eventually be turned down from jobs.

Greta had to take up her father’s mantle and reclaim what she could for the both of them. She became a pickpocket to help bay bills, and learned how to use swords to defend and work for the mercenary companies. Her desire to achieve was amusing to the older mercs, who gave her the nickname “Little Flame,” naming her after her brilliant red hair.

The mercs of the Blackstone Irregulars became like a second family to Greta, and many of the liaisons would make secret side jobs for anyone who would watch Greta on her jobs. When she came of age, Greta was recommended for knighthood by several members of the Blackstone Irregulars. She had enough pull among many patrons to make knighthood in a single year.

She brought the good news back to her father, who found it difficult to leave the house in his condition. He was never prouder of her.

Due to economic rebuilding and plans to revitalize Lothering, the arl of the South Reach caught wind that several of his benefits would soon be disappearing with the reconstruction of Lothering. The one thing pushing the reconstruction so quickly was that the previous mayor was still alive and technically able to take the title.

Not eager to lose his money, the arl hired assassins to kill Greta’s father. Thanks to Greta’s timely assistance, they were unsuccessful. Greta’s wrath was told of in bars around Denerim. The broken bodies of the assassins flew from the windows of her home, and the oil of one of the lamps in the home caught fire from a spark on Greta’s blade. The strang efire wounds on some of the assassins earned Greta a new name: “Woman of Fire.”

Greta took the assassination to court, only to be rebuked with the little proof she had. She has not forgotten the cruelty of the Arl of South Reach, and she still swears vengeance beneath her breath.

Earning knighthood, Ser Greta could not follow her father back to Lothering. She was a member of the king’s army and had to remain close to serve the army.

Ser Greta “the Woman of Fire” is still lauded by the Blackstone Irregulars as the woman who can get the job done. Ser Greta has become a small celebrity among the knights in Denerim.

Ser Greta now has an infamous practice of making a mark on her armor for each criminal she puts away or for each depraved outlaw she has brought to bloody justice. She marks the pauldrons and back of her armor to remind her foes of who they are dealing with.

Ser Greta

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