Snark mage


Communication 3 (Persuasion); Constitution 1 (Stamina); Cunning 3 (Arcane Lore, Healing, Research, Writing); Dexterity 2 (Staves); Magic 6 (Arcane Lance, Blood, Entropy); Perception 1; Strength 1; Willpower 2 (Self-Discipline)

Approval Ratings:

Alora: 38 (Neutral)
Ashalla: 68 (Warm)
Kallian: 52 (Warm)
Venak: 17 (Neutral)


Born in the town of Lothering, Pryft’s gift of magic was apparent. His parents sent him to the Circle of Magi at Lake Calenhad, wanting nothing to do with a magical child. Pryft grew up in the Circle, chafing against the walls and Templars as many new children did. He knew Anders, another mage in the Circle Tower, and his friend Karl as allies. Pryft, Anders, and Karl would make mock plans to escape the tower or to embarrass the Templars, but Pryft was the only one whose heart was not in it.

Anders and Karl were always serious with their plans to escape, and Anders succeeded once, leaping into the lake and swimming to shore. The Templars, in their heavy armor, could not follow him, so Anders remained at large for several weeks before being brought back bruised, bloodied, and dirt-caked. The sight of the Templars dragging his unconscious body back to the Circle and unceremoniously tossing him back into the apprentices’ quarters stuck with Pryft. The brutality of the Templars against a young boy solidified his hatred for them.

While Anders healed and Karl comforted him, Pryft took action. He snuck his way into the repository of the Circle, hoping that he could use one of the many magical items contained within to get revenge on the Templars. The first thing he found was a strange black staff, made of a burned tree branch. The staff made him feel a bit uneasy, but he took it regardless and began to study it. The hours passed, and it became noticed that Pryft was not in his studies or attending classes. An Enchanter and a few Templars went looking around the Tower, only to find nothing. A bit incredulous, they began to search the lower levels, unsure of how an apprentice managed to get to the lower levels with no permission given.

Pryft began to panic as he heard the Templar’s metal boots in the hallway, and accidentally activated the staff. The Templars and the Enchanter found no trace of him, and it was discovered later that the staff was missing. Prfyt’s name immediately was placed on Chanter’s boards across Ferelden, demanding that the escaped mage be brought back to the tower and that the staff be recovered.

Pryft found himself in a strange place. A dark marshy place with several visible tears in the Veil surrounded him. Demons could physically be seen on the other side, staring him down, desiring his physical form, calling him with promises of power and wisdom.

Pryft was too scared and confused to humor them, and he left the staff behind and ran as fast as he could. He still has his wand and a few potions he had crafted the day before. He later found he was in the Blackmarsh, far from the Circle Tower. He knew the Templars would be looking for him, and they would know that he had stolen an artifact of unknown purpose. Pryft knew what they had done to Anders before they brought him back to the Circle, and he vowed that it would not happen to him.

Pryft has traveled alone now for seven years, been labeled officially as an apostate, and has no intention of being caught. He is willing to die to protect his freedom.


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