Keeper of the Goldenhawk clan


Communication 3 (Leadership)
Constitution 0
Cunning 5 (Cultural Lore, Historical Lore, Natural Lore, Navigation, Religious Lore)
Dexterity 2 (Bows)
Magic 5 (Primal)
Perception 2 (Seeing)
Strength 0
Willpower 3 (Self-Discipline)


Orellis is the eldest member of the Goldenhawk clan, and the Keeper of many years to the same clan. He is knowledgeable on most things elven, religion, history, and legends in particular. Orellis looks after the spiritual needs of his people first, reminding them of their heritage and who watches over them.

Orellis was born into this clan years ago and his mother was the Keeper before him. His transition to First was easy as his mother passed onto him the gift of magic. His transition to Keeper was not as smooth. While traveling near a cave system, a surge od darkspawn flooded out of the cave and attacked the clan. Orellis was instructed by his mother to become the greatest Keeper she would ever see, and stayed behind with a few warriors to hold off the horde. She and the other warriors did not catch up to the clan,and Orellis assumed the role of Keeper at age 15.

Orellis is not particularly fond of humans, knowing in great detail what they have done to his people, but is not beyond befriending those the thinks have no intention of harming his people.

Orellis is currently hoping that an elf child will be born with the gift of magic soon, for he is getting on in years and has no First to teach his ways to.


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