Mother Brianna

Destructive and manipulative demon of desire


This desire demon, who calls herself Mother Brianna, is a somewhat unique creature from beyond the Veil. Like most demons, she can possess hosts in the physical world to achieve ends that only she could justify. Temptation and want appear to be as much a part of her as her physical form, her voice, and her mind.

Mother Brianna has found a sick hobby in creating and recreating the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue every decade or so, seeing her antagonism with House Baranti as a kind of game to see how many people she can take before her body is slain. She takes grand delight in the bodies she takes, who are always beautiful and abused young girls (in an unfortunate abundance) who she always promises revenge against their abusers. Upon the vengeance being taken, the girls lose themselves to Mother Brianna, and the game begins anew.

Her strange power to create Fade Claws is unique among desire demons, as is her ability to project into her voice her promises of acceptance and love straight to the hearts of her victims. Her power would appear to be above that of “standard” desire demons, as if demons could be standardized.

She has been slain by the party three times now, but it is likely they have not seen the last of her.

Mother Brianna

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