Kotin (Anaris, Forgotten One)

Ancient elven mage, Forgotten One, and bane of humanity


Communication 6 (Deception, Etiquette, Investigation, Leadership, Persuasion
Constitution 2 (Stamina)
Cunning 5 (Arcane Lore, Cultural Lore, Historical Lore, Natural Lore, Research)
Dexterity 4 (Initiative, Staves)
Magic 11 (Arcane Lance, Blood, Primal, Spirit)
Perception 3 (Seeing Hearing)
Strength 9 (Claws, Intimidation, Might)
Willpower 6 (Morale, Self-Discipline)


This strange elf seems to know much more than he lets on, and carry greater ambition than most rulers. What he is up to no one can say.

Kotin (Anaris, Forgotten One)

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