Izot Wulff

Headstrong Ferelden noble, accidental instigator


Communication 1; Constitution 1; Cunning 2; Dexterity 1 (Light Blades); Magic 0; Perception 2; Strength 1; Willpower 4 (Courage)


Izot is much like her father: talented in combat, strong-willed, and bull-headed. She has a strong sense of what is wrong and right, which causes her to take justice into her own hands more often than necessary for one with an army at her father’s disposal.

Sick of the injustice that eats away at Thedas like a Blight, she dispenses justice on her quiet crusade on the darkness of Thedas. She does her best to aid the needy when she can, but must usually do it out of sight of her father, who generally disapproves of her taking the law into her own hands.

One such act of justice was for a city elf named Kallian. Izot was quite aware of the lot of the elves in the human cities, and she decided that they deserved a protector. She found in the elven girl a fire that she liked. Izot gave the elf a few knives and taught her the basics of self-defense, hopeful that she could either use the skills to defend her people and others, or at least pass the skills on.

Whether or not Kallian plans to heed Izot’s wish remains to be seen.

Izot found her cousin Berchan during one of her acts of kindness towards an orphanage. She brought her cousin back to her father who had recently learned about his brother’s fate. He was hesitant to take Berchan at first, with the grief heavy on his mind. A passionate plea from Izot snapped him back to reality, and he readily took his nephew with him to the West Hills arling.

Izot Wulff

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