Communication 2 (Persuasion); Constitution 0; Cunning 1 (Natural Lore); Dexterity 3 (Bows, Initiative, Light Blades, Stealth); Magic 1; Perception 2 (Hearing, Tracking); Strength 1 (Climbing); Willpower 3 (Self-Discipline)


A skilled hunter and tracker for the Goldenhawk Dalish clan, Harralan was nevertheless known for his pride and temper. He held fast to the tales of the days when the elves were masters of the land, with nations and cities to call the own. They never died, never warred, and they mastered magics now forgotten. They were not dispirited wanderers at the mercy of the humans who had diseased the ancient elves and made them mortal. He disapproved of the elves living in wagons and performing tricks and shows for those who had subjugated them twice.

The elves, in his eyes, deserved much better.

He is the current bond-mate of Alora, and has always been good to her. In order to secure her hand, he hunted a bear easily twice his size and spent a day dragging it back to camp. The first picks of his hunts always went to Alora, and his fierce affections were the envy of many other elves in the clan.


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