Cheerful and lovestruck huntress, Alora's wife


Communication 2 (Persuasion)
Constitution 2
Cunning 3 (Cultural Lore)
Dexterity 5 (Light Blades, Bows, Stealth, Dueling, Traps)
Magic 0
Perception 4 (Tracking)
Strength 2
Willpower 3 (Courage)

Approval Ratings:

Alora: 78 (Adore)
Ashalla: 61 (Warm)
Kallian: 31 (Neutral)


Bright, clever, and a bit of flirt, Eshara is also quite brave and determined when danger presents itself. She is also trusting to a fault, and is more accepting of outsiders than most of her clan is.

Eshara is well-versed in what little elven culture and lore the Dalish have uncovered. She is a firm believer in the elven pantheon and is fiercely proud of her heritage as a Dalish. Her pride does not blind her to reality though, the elves are not what they used to be and Eshara doesn’t pretend they are.

After Harralan’s’ tragic death, Eshara spent a great deal of time comforting Alora; their chemistry was obvious, and it was not long before the two were bonded.


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