Captain Braedon

Honorable guard captain and protector of little people


Communication 3 (Leadership, Persuasion)
Constitution 3 (Stamina)
Cunning 1 (Military Lore)
Dexterity 4 (Initiative, Light Blades, Riding)
Magic 3
Perception 1
Strength 5 (Climbing, Heavy Blades)
Willpower 4 (Courage, Self-Discipline)

Approval Ratings:

Alora: 40 (Warm)
Ashalla: 60 (Warm)
Kallian: 50 (Warm)
Venak: 20 (Neutral)


Braedon is the head of House Baranti’s guard. A solid man in his late 30s, he is serious and charismatic, honorable and solid, and prone to fury when angered. He is fiercely loyal to his mistress Bann Nicola and to the causes she serves.

Born and raised in Denerim with a brother and a sister, Braedon lived the life of a bann’s son. The walls of the city protected him, and its food nourished him and his kin without want; nevertheless, Braedon couldn’t help but notice those with empty stomachs who begged on street corners. He couldn’t stomach watching guards brutalize elves in the streets for all to see. He grew sick of the nobles and their constant parties and hours of talking about nothing but themselves and their wealth.

Being the son of a bann, Braedon did still know of his duties to his house, and was at little liberty to share the family coffers with those who could use them more than he; still, those hardships that stood outside the walls of the inner city where he lived would still creep up on him.

Inspired by his bother’s open-mindedness, Braedon’s brother fell in love with an elf from Denerim’s alienage. Their love was short-lived, however, as their father had the elf girl killed in her bed and hung her body from the alienage’s tree. Braedon’s brother was crushed after that, and despite his brother’s kind words and support, he took his own life less than a year later. Braedon paid a secret visit to the alienage to apologize to the elves himself, but he was run out by angry family members with arrows and knives.

Braedon’s sister was born with the gift of magic. Her father chose not send her to the Circle; instead, he decided to keep her in Denerim, praying to the Maker that her talent went unnoticed. It did go unnoticed for 17 years, and she grew into a beautiful young woman, as her father had hoped. She was to be married to the son of another bann to increase the fortunes of both families, but she did not love this man, who was cruel and controlling. Braedon could see this wearing on his sister and pleaded with his father to call off the wedding; happily, his father had actually found another boy for her to marry, and this one Braedon knew she would approve of (as she had previously confided in Braedon her desire to marry him).

When Braedon came to find his sister and tell her the good news, he found her crying and shaking in the corner of her bed; her bodice was ripped open, and a freshly charred corpse was lying on the foot of her bed. Braedon assured her that this could be fixed, but she informed him that her would-be husband and assailant had been a Templar. When Braedon turned his back to think, she threw herself from the three-story window.

The good works of House Baranti keep Braedon going, and he hopes that he can prevent these tragedies whenever he can.

Captain Braedon

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