Bann Nicola Baranti



Communication 8 (Bargaining, Deception, Persuasion, Seduction); Constitution -1; Cunning 5 (Cultural Lore); Dexterity 0; Magic -1; Perception 6 (Empathy); Strength -2; Willpower 0 (Courage, Self Discipline)


House Baranti has always been a matriarchy. Nicola’s great-grandmother won acclaim and wealth fighting the initial Orlesian invasion. So pleased were her countrymen that she received an estate of her own. Her daughter, Dalla, was raised with every luxury and comfort, leaving her quite spoiled. By her mid-thirties, Dalla had become the Grand Cleric of Denerim. All of that cam crashing down when a scandal of her hosting lovers-many at one time even-within the Chantry building itself.

Orlesians had seized Denerim by this point,and Dalla had many enemies in and outside of the Chantry who were excited to push her from her position and tarnish her family’s reputation. She became known as “the Whore of Denerim” before she was eventually assassinated by villains never brought to justice.

Dalla had a child out of wedlock, Nina. Nina was raised in Denerim’s notorious brothel the Pearl. Eventually she was employed, completing the family’s fall from the top of the Chantry to the bottom of the bed frame. The name “the Whore of Denerim” was passed from mother to child.

Nicola was born of Nina and raised by the whores of the Pearl. Unlike her mother, Nicola had a fierce pride and could not tolerate her surroundings. Nicola did some digging and discovered that her family still technically belonged to the Bannorn and could hold lands. This was contrary to what her mother had been told.

Nicola, hoping to rebuild her family name, married a knight name Ser Duniel when she was 15 years old. Three years later, the knight suddenly died of illness, leaving Nicola with the estate. With the newfound wealth, Nicola set to make her family loved again and made her name as a politician and hostess. She married again, this time to the son of a bann. He was slain five years later by bandits outside of Denerim.

After losing a second husband, Nicola’s wrath was stunning. Each bandit in the group that had slain her husband was hunted down and brought to a bloody justice. Songs were written about her vengeance, gaining the new bann more love by the people. She came something of a folk hero, and become one of the more interesting personalities in the city. Dedicating herself to good works, she used her wealth to establish orphanages and built new chapels in places that couldn’t afford them.

Now a grandmother in her late 70s, Bann Nicola is elderly but sharp as a dagger. She firmly holds her house and dedicates it to the good of Denerim. Her reputation in Denerim is unassailable.

Nicola has only one child who has survived childhood: her son, Tanner. Tanner and his wife Linna died while rescuing people from a burning home, leaving their son, Adric, in Nicola’s care.

Bann Nicola Baranti

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