Arl Gallagher Wulff

Strong Arl of the West Hills and loving father


Communication 2 (Etiquette, Leadership); Constitution 3 (Drinking); Cunning 2 (Historical Lore, Military Lore); Dexterity 1 (Riding); Magic -1; Perception 0; Strength 5 (Bludgeons, Heavy Blades, Might); Willpower 3 (Self-Discipline)


The Arl of the West Hills is a man of might and means. Adjudicating his arling with a stern fairness he is well-liked by the people for his military history rather than compassion.

Growing up along the foot of the Frostback Mountains he lived in the town of Elmridge. The Wulff family has a rare history of successors for the title of Arl of the West Hills. Most arls are selected by the people of the arling among who they think fit the position best. The Wulff family simply has a reputation for producing arls who have judged fair and well.

Gallagher was one who everyone considered a shoo-in for the title. He was the oldest of three sons and the best in battle. He was kind, wise, and the spitting image of his father, the current arl. His father and closest brother were very proud and excited to have him as the arl.

His youngest brother, Mevil, didn’t take this as well as the rest of the family. The young man lived in the shadow of his big brother’s reputation, and endured a lifetime of “why aren’t you like Gallagher?” He wasn’t as strong, he wasn’t as fast, and he wasn’t as smart as Gallagher, and this would not have haunted him if this was all. Gallagher was also a bully in childhood, calling his youngest brother the “runt” or the “genlock among hurlocks”. Even this would have not pushed him so far, but when Gallagher bested him publicly and humiliatingly in a local fair’s dueling competition, tossing his youngest brother into the mud before covering him with plucked chicken feathers for all to see. Mevil had had enough.

Gallagher had of course never meant to hurt his brother’s feelings, but father’s mantra “boys will be boys” would produce a tragic and unexpected effect. Gallagher’s brotherly prodding would be a great mistake.

Mevil used his influence as an arl’s son to orchestrate a handfull of assassination attempts on Gallagher’s current sweetheart, his friend from childhood, and even their mother.His fiance was left impaled on the dragon statue that Gallagher had once told his brothers they first kissed under. His best friend was found dead under Gallagher’s bed, one of his childhood buddies favorite place to plot pranks with (another personal fact Gallagher shared with his brother). He purposefully asked the assassins to botch the attempt on their mother’s life, but made sure she was given the message to meet the mastermind at midnight alone at the foot of the Frostback Mountains. Gallagher’s hysterical mother told him the assassin’s whispers before fainting, and Gallagher, tears in his eyes, fled in the night, swearing to take this killer’s life.

Knowing that his brother could easily best him in battle, he had already spoken to a wandering group of avvarian hillsmen. Normally enemies to the Fereldens, he promised that they could have the honor of playing a part in the death of their sworn enemy’s son, and they accepted the deal.

Gallagher was ambushed by more than he was expecting to face, and was nearly overpowered by the hillsmen. His skills as a warrior were placed to the test, but he did prevail, slaying or running off the hillsmen assassins. Wounded and bloodied, Gallagher turned to see his brother staring at him. Mevil challenged Gallagher to a rematch. Gallagher, injured, confused, and still enraged, accepted.

The duel was close, and bloody, but Gallagher was the victor.

The title of arl stung a little when it was finally given to him.

Arl Gallagher Wulff

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