Adric Baranti

Dashing knight and heir to Baranti family


Communication 4 (Deception, Persuasion)
Constitution 3
Cunning 2 (Historical Lore)
Dexterity 4 (Light Blades, Riding)
Magic 0
Perception 1
Strength 4 (Heavy Blades)
Willpower 1 (Courage)

Approval Ratings:

Alora: 28 (Neutral)
Ashalla: 43 (Warm)
Kallian: 53 (Warm)
Venak: 28 (Warm)


Adric is Nicola Baranti’s only grandson. He is accomplished as a warrior and a womanizer who enjoys his role as a local celebrity.

His parents were killed while trying to save people from a burning building, leaving him in the care of Nicola. He is always happy to display his romantic conquests to his grandmother, who is not amused considering he has his marriage already arranged by her and other nobles.

It is likely that Adric resents his grandmother to some degree for this prearrangement.

Adric Baranti

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