Dragon Age: Faith Misplaced

Cost of the Cure

With the cure in hand, the Wolves take a perilous trek back to Sothmere.

The Wolves followed the pyresprites through their tunnels, following the sounds of their songs. The tunnels led the Wolves to an unexpected cache of treasure, where the Wolves claimed a magicked blade, appropriately depicting a wolf in the old Tevinter style.

The deepest chamber, where the pyresprites resided, glowed in a strange green tint. Their songs echoed and their own lights danced, as the Wolves beheld an unpleasant sight: a slightly glowing green moss that encrusted a large pile of smelly excrement. The Wolves deduced that this belonged to the Serpent, and that the fungus was the Shadowmoss they needed.

The songs of the pyresprites told them that the pyrespritepeople had once been great and many. They danced and sung the songs of the forest in grand and wondrous numbers, but now they were few. Each colony had its own guardian serpent that not only kept them safe, but provided their food, the Shadowmoss.

The Wolves breathed a collective sigh that they had spared these people as well by sparing the life of the serpent.

To the pyresprites angry protest, they gathered as much Shadowmoss as they could carry and left the caves. Once outside, the Wolves faced a new problem: escaping the Korcari Wilds. While they had a magical raven to guide them the first time, they had to navigate of their own powers to leave the Wilds. The navigation was somewhat slow, only further slowed by attacks from marsh wolves and blight owls, but they escaped with a little time to spare.

Rushing across the river they found the town of Wichford was populated once more. Strom Kasrgard awaited them by one of the taverns, a worried look on his face. He told the Wolves that Ser Vilem Richta had called for a blackhaller to judge the infected before the Wolves could return to Sothmere in time with the cure. His fear of this disease would cost many their lives.

With no time to spare, the Wovles purchased horses and raced to Sothmere.

A little farther north, the Wovles were stopped by a small group from a nearby town called Wulverton, who had also been struck by the chasind ragers. The knight leading the group, Ser Vilja Wulverton, had lost a wife and son to the ragers, and his last remaining sonw as infected by the Amber Rage. Their own wise-man had told them of the cure, but they caught wind that a group from Sothmere was already on the way to claim it. So here he stood, waiting for the Wolves to return with the cure that he would use to save his own villagers and his son.

Though the Wolves engaged him, unwilling to give up the moss, they offered him to send his infected villagers to Sothmere as quickly as possible. If their happened to be enough cure for them too, he would still save his people.

Further still up the road, the Wolves passed by a group of Ser Richta’s men, who told the Wolves to hurry, only to fire their crossbows at their turned backs. They intended to destroy the Shadowmoss, under Ser Richta’s orders, but they were routed by the Wolves.

The entire village of Sothmere was gathered around several pyres with the currently infected tied to poles around timber. Ser Richta and his soldiers held back any angry townsfolk crying for the release of their loved ones. Wanda Kovic stood at the front of the condemned infected, her father begging for her release.

The Wolves stepped up, and found that the blackhaller was none other than Ser Greta, a friend of Kallian’s. She was willing to take their judgement into consideration, given their past in stamping out the cult back in Denerim. Ser Richta stepped forward, and demanded that Ser Greta see reason, and was finally challenged by Linnea to a duel for the fate of the infected. If Linnea lost, they would defer to Richta’s judgement. If Richta lost, then the villagers would be given the cure.

Asha, meanwhile, discreetly sneaked the Shadowmoss to a relieved Old Stoyanka, who immediately began brewing the a cure.

With her comrades, friends, neighbors, and family cheering her on, Linnea fought fiercely against the experienced and practiced Ser Vilem Richta. While the duel continued, Bogdan, determiend to see the sheriff suffer for long past offenses, attempted to take Wanda’s life of his own power, but he was quickly restrained by an observant Alora.

The duel was grand and close, but Linnea was found victorious. She demanded that the soldiers release the villagers. Ser Richta, humbled by his defeat, was surprisingly brought to see reason. He would have done the same if this was his home. He respectfully submitted to whatever fate she saw fit for him.

Sheathing her new sword, Linnea told him that this village still needed guarding, and he would make it up to these people by defending them. Ser Richta could see no better option and agreed.

As if the Maker were on their side, the cure was a success, and they had just enough to cure the villagers of both Sothmere and Wulverton. The Wolves were finally free from the disease.

With a contract finally written for the ryott bread in Baranti’s orphanage kitchens, the Wolves had completed their original objective, and prepared to leave. Linnea, however, saw her wounded home and elected to stay. She would become the new sheriff in Milo’s place and help with the construction of their walls and new trade routes. She would see Sothmere move beyond simple bread farms and become a place worth visiting in southern Ferelden. Though she would stay behind, the heroes knew she was a Wolf of Baranti, and they bid her a solemn farewell.

With one member moved on, the Wolves returned to Denerim.



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